Solution for Hazardous Waste


ATICS is specialized in removal of asbestos.

We intervene to decontaminate and restore building with full scan of interiors and exteriors.

We guarantee the safety and quality of your construction sites

In accordance with the current regulations, our goal is to minimize as much as possible the emission of fibers on construction sites for protection of our staff as well as for the environment.

We takes measures in order to prevent air emissions on the construction sites. And we are committed to implementing the necessary means in compliance with regulatory benchmarks and thresholds.

ATICS supports and accompanies their clients step by step, from administrative procedures to completion of the project.

We remove all materials containing asbestos, including roofing, partitions, suspended ceilings floor slabs, etc.

Additional Services

  • Destruction of products unfit for consumption
  • Destruction of expired products
  • Packaging and export of dangerous products

We support all of our customers from the initial administrative procedures until completion of all projects.

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