Commercial Solution

Waste Management and Commercial Cleaning Services

We advise companies and organizations into considering the selective sorting of waste. We train and inform staffs on the different recoveries conditions and the specific regulations and standards to be respected.

We also offer a recovery and waste treatment service for paper, cardboard, plastics and ordinary industrial waste.

Our waste recovery process is into 3 stages:

Classification of products

  • Qualitative and quantitative evaluation
  • Overall definition of the service

Cleaning, collection and transfer

  • Provision of staff and equipment for cleaning and maintenance
  • Provision of storage equipment
  • Logistics and safe transport

Evaluation & Treatment

  • Disposal of waste in approved centers
  • Recovery of materials for evaluation
  • Recycling

A range of equipment is made available to customers:

  • 10m3, 15m3 and 25 m3 garbage containers
  • 15m3 compaction containers
  • Custom-made containers to fit the customers’ needs
  • Wheel Bins – 125L,  250L, 1000 L

The compacting garbage containers are equipped with a compressor that reduces the volume of stored waste by 35% thus reducing the cost of transfer. These containers are closed and hermetic, which avoids odor nuisance.

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