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The company was created in 1992 in response to modern society’s need for an integrated approach to waste management and the promotion of sustainable development.

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The company has more than 500 employees and 60 lorries, equipment and other specialised materials, capable of offering a full range of services, from simple waste collection to storage, packaging, treatment and transportation to waste transfer stations or directly to the landfill site.

Over the years, ATICS has established itself as a leading waste management and environmental protection company in Mauritius.

The company relies heavily on its employees and is committed to raising the profile of the waste collector’s profession, which is of great importance but too often marginalised.


Protecting our beautiful island for the good of all

MISSIONS & Activities

Our mission is to improve the quality of the environment by offering our public and private sector customers cleaning and waste management services.

ATICS Ltd will always strive to provide the highest quality services in the field of solid and non-solid waste management, toxic and non-toxic waste. In doing so, the company will ensure compliance with customer, regulatory and statutory requirements whilst placing emphasis on safety and health. It will also ensure that the effectiveness of the quality management system is continually improved.

This objective is achieved by defining quality objectives, constantly monitoring each process and taking appropriate measures to correct any deviations detected. The quality policy is communicated, explained and reviewed for its ongoing relevance and appropriateness.

As the company is involved in the handling of hazardous waste, it is committed to providing its employees with training on the subject and to promoting employee safety.

Specialist service

We intervene in the event of surface pollution such as oil leaks or other specialised cleaning, asbestos removal, etc

Waste management

Our business involves collecting, transporting, treating and transporting non-toxic solid and non-solid waste to the appropriate centres.

Office maintenance services

We undertake interior, exterior and elevated maintenance of offices and other spaces.

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