ATICS was created in 1992 to meet the modern society’s needs of waste collection and treatment with the sustainable development of the island as our top priority.

ATICS employs more than 500 people and is equipped with 60 lorries and the latest technologies and specialized equipment and materials, offering services like waste collection, stocking, conditioning, treatment and the transportation to the different waste transfer station or directly to landfills.

ATICS is today the leading service provider in Mauritius in terms of waste management and environment protection.

The company’s main focus is the welfare of the employees. We want to change the perception of people in regards to the job of a waste collector, a job of great importance but unfortunately very often under-valued.

Mission & Activities

Our mission is to maintain the environmental health by offering our customers; both public & private sectors, continuous waste management services.

Waste Management
Our services include collecting, treating and transporting non-toxic, solid and non-solid waste to the appropriate centers.

Office Maintenance Services
We undertake interior and exterior maintenance of offices and other commercial and industrial areas.

Specialized Services & Immediate Intervention
We intervene in case of pollution of any surfaces such as oil leak and asbestos removal.


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Allée des Manguiers Pailles Île Maurice

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