Waste management

Your waste recycled with ease

ATICS specialises in waste management.


Recycling has become an imperative for saving natural resources. It consists of reintroducing the materials contained in waste into the industrial circuit.

In this fast-growing sector, we sort and bale used materials, which we then sell locally or on international markets.

We recover the following materials:

  • Packaging cartons
  • Office paper / newspapers
  • Plastic containers and bags
  • Drinks cans (beer, soft drinks)

We are also looking at new sources of waste: tyres, wood, batteries, etc.

Materials are supplied as follows:

  • Recovery of refuse from producers of cardboard and other materials.
  • Collection from shops and supermarkets.
  • Sorting and collection in commercial areas

Materials are sorted according to their composition and grades, so sorted board complies with the United States Paper Stocks Classification and the European List of Standard Grades of Recovered Paper and Board.
They are then baled (300kg or 500kg). Atics has invested in a 15 tonne/hour baler for its packaging activity.


Bales are sold primarily on the local market to promote recycling. The surplus is sold on international markets.

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