Commercial Solution

Commercial Waste Management and Cleaning

ATICS specialises in commercial cleaning


We advise sales staff on waste management and responsible selective sorting. We inform you about recovery conditions and the specific regulations and standards to be complied with.

We also offer a waste recovery and treatment service for paper, cardboard, plastics and non-hazardous industrial waste.

We offer rigorous management in three stages


Treatment and recovery

– Disposal of waste in approved centres
– Recovery of materials to be recycled
– Packaging for recycling


Product classification

– Qualitative and quantitative assessment
– Global definition of the service


Cleaning, collection and transfer

– Provision of cleaning and maintenance staff and equipment
– Provision of storage equipment
– Safe transport logistics

A range of equipment is available to customers

– 10m3, 15m3 and 25 m3 tippers
– 15m3 compaction skips
– Tippers made to measure to suit the customer’s needs
– 125-litre, 250-litre and 1000-litre wheeled bins

Compaction skips are skips fitted with a compressor that reduces the volume of waste stored by more than 35%, thereby cutting transfer costs. These skips are closed and hermetically sealed, which avoids the nuisance of odours and flying.

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