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ATICS, a human philosophy



Our team of dynamic men and women work hard every day to provide you with a clean and healthy environment.

We employ a local workforce, ensuring decent pay and working conditions. We make an active contribution to society by fulfilling our responsibility to integrate the long-term unemployed.

Our employees are recruited in very specific regions of Mauritius according to the contracts allocated, so our business becomes a local business. As we listen to our employees, we also listen to the local people, their lifestyles and their expectations.

We consider training and professionalism to be a major focus of our development.

Our employees are trained for their different jobs – collection, sweeping, urban cleaning and waste management – as well as in health and safety.


The health and safety of the people who make up ATICS is a constant and major concern.

We believe that training in risk awareness and preventive measures is essential, and that it should be provided for every employee and for all external persons involved in our activities.

We regularly organise health and safety training to make staff aware of the risks they face in the course of their duties, in order to reduce the number of accidents linked to this high-risk profession. We also run tetanus and hepatitis B vaccination campaigns for our employees.

To this end, we employ a company doctor and a Health and Safety Manager.

The means

  • Trailers and semi-trailers
  • Compaction vehicles
  • Tipper vehicles
  • 10m3, 15m3 and 25 m3 tippers
  • 15m3 compaction skips
  • Tippers made to measure, adapted to the customer’s needs

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