Urban cleaning

ATICS solution for clean cities

ATICS specialises in urban cleaning


Local authorities

Cleanliness is not only in the public interest, it also enhances the image and attractiveness of local authorities. The expertise of our teams and our advanced technologies keep our towns and villages clean and pleasant to live in.

We provide local residents with wheeled bins for storing their rubbish and use compactor lorries adapted to our roads to collect the bins and rubbish.

More than 25 lorries accompanied by our agents criss-cross the various conurbations where ATICS offers its services.

Our commitments to local authorities are:

  • Quality service
  • Punctuality
  • Safety
  • Modern, adapted facilities

The streets and pavements are cleaned by our operatives, either manually or using mechanical sweepers.

Our maintenance operatives, who are committed to keeping our streets and pavements clean, undergo regular training.

Our maintenance staff are always on hand to keep the beaches we serve clean.

The main activities on the beaches are:

  • Beach clean-ups
  • Removal of seaweed
  • Mowing green areas
  • Cleaning and maintenance of public toilets

The Transfer business

Waste transfer centres enable waste to be grouped together according to its type before being transported either to a landfill site or to the appropriate treatment facility. This consolidation of transport generates economies of scale and limits fuel consumption.

ATICS designed and built three of the island’s five waste transfer stations, including those at St Martin, Poudre d’or and La Laura. Semi-trailers and tipper trucks are used to transfer waste to the Mare Chicose landfill site.

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