Industrial Cleaning

ATICS solution for professionals

ATICS specialises in industrial cleaning


We carry out cleaning and maintenance operations in industrial areas, rigorously planning our interventions according to our customers’ requirements, so as to limit disruption to their activities. We develop technological solutions that respect the environment and the professional safety of our teams, thereby enhancing our operational efficiency.

We keep public spaces such as stations, airports and factories clean and pleasant.
In this way, we help to convey a sense of security. We clean inside, outside and at heights.

Airports and Aviation

A solution tailored to airport requirements

Cleanliness and charm are essential assets of an airport. They give travellers confidence and leave visitors with an unforgettable image. Whether inside or outside, an airport is part of the memory we retain of a country we visit. At ATICS we are aware of the high standards of our service.

We understand the complexity of the airport infrastructure, its security measures and regulations, its public and private areas, and the need for rapid response and absolute consistency in cleaning and maintenance.

Terminal maintenance

We offer a comprehensive cleaning and maintenance service essential to the smooth running of the airport, while creating a safe and healthy environment for travellers, staff and visitors alike.

Aircraft cleaning

Impeccable cleaning reflects a better image of an airline and, above all, ensures complete customer satisfaction.
Our team provides interior and exterior cleaning for aircraft during maintenance and servicing shutdowns.


A system for recovering ship-generated waste and cargo residues is essential to enhance protection of the marine environment by reducing discharges of ship-generated waste at sea, and in particular illegal discharges, from ships using ports.

The service offered by ATICS is part of this objective. The company provides shipping lines, ships calling at the port, as well as fishing vessels and pleasure boats, with a complete waste recovery system for ships docked or on the high seas.

The company also offers a call-out maintenance and cleaning service.

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