Hazardous waste solution

ATICS specialises in asbestos removal


We guarantee the safety and quality of your work

In accordance with regulations and current knowledge, our aim is to limit fibre emissions on construction sites as much as possible, both for our employees and for the environment.

We have all air emissions measured on site. And we’re committed to doing everything we can to keep within regulatory limits.

ATICS supports its customers. In fact, we are at your side from the very first administrative steps.

We carry out the removal of various materials containing asbestos. This may include roofing, ducts, partitions and sandwich panels, false ceilings, floor tiles, etc.

Other services

  1. Destruction of products unfit for consumption
  2. Destruction of out-of-date products
  3. Packaging and export of dangerous products

We support our customers from the initial administrative steps through to the final decision.

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